About Us
Promoting Diversity in the Legal and Technology Fields to Shape Tomorrow's Global Leaders.

Mission Statement

BUILT - a 501(c)3 non/profit (pending) organization - is dedicated to advancing inclusion and diversity by creating opportunities within the legal technology field for those that identify as part of the African Diaspora to engage collectively in education, leadership, entrepreneurship, mentorship, service, advocacy, research, and career development.

BUILT's existence is crucial as it addresses historical inequities and promotes diversity within the legal and technology industries. By empowering individuals from the African diaspora – an underrepresented group - BUILT establishes industry awareness, enables professional growth, fosters innovation, and drives business success. Studies consistently show that diverse teams and inclusive practices lead to better decision-making, enhanced innovation, and improved financial performance, aligning with the business imperatives of the legal technology industry.

Furthermore, BUILT's advocacy efforts and engagement allow it to shape policies and industry practices, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities. By fostering community engagement, providing resources and relationships, and uncovering employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for people of the African Diaspora, BUILT contributes to the growth and success of businesses in the legal tech sector. This, in turn, enables companies to tap into new markets, enhance their competitive edge, and achieve sustainable growth. BUILT's impact extends beyond the present, as it inspires future generations, establishes a legacy of inclusivity, and cultivates a diverse and equable legal tech industry for the benefit of all. Create educational programs and seminars to equip members with cutting-edge skills, deepen their expertise in legal technology, and empower them to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Board of Directors

Associate General Counsel/Litigation, <br>AIG</br>
Associate General Counsel/Litigation,

Dawson Horn

Vice President/Diversity & Inclusion Partnerships & Communities, Consilio LLC
Vice President/Diversity & Inclusion Partnerships & Communities, Consilio LLC

James Edwell

CEO/Executive Career Coach & Recruiter, Owens Williams & Associates LLC
CEO/Executive Career Coach & Recruiter, Owens Williams & Associates LLC

Zelda Owens

Head of eDiscovery/Legal Division, <br>Goldman Sachs & Co.</br>
Head of eDiscovery/Legal Division,
Goldman Sachs & Co.

Val Charles-Pierre

(Chair, Audit Committee)

Diversity & Inclusion First

Community & Collaboration

Continuous Learning & Innovation

Our Advisory Committee plays a pivotal role in guiding and shaping the direction of BUILT. Comprising seasoned professionals and experts from diverse backgrounds in the legal technology industry, this dedicated team is committed to steering our organization toward achieving its mission and goals.

In collaboration with our dedicated team and passionate members, our Advisory Committee is instrumental in driving BUILT's mission forward, creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all in the legal technology field.

Advisory Committee

Kemoy Foster (Co-Founder)
Head Compliance Assurance,
Senior Vice President, Swiss Re
Veronica Nelson
Assistant General Counsel,
Vice President, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Salomon Louis
eDiscovery Program Owner,
Veronica Gromada
Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP
Jerome Jackson-Kingston
Director of Business Development,
Rudy Moliere
Former Director, Information Governance,
Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
Alexandra Prophete
Knowledge & Innovation Attorney,
Fenwick & West LLP