BUILT Programming & Education

Initiatives designed to empower individuals from the African diaspora within the legal technology industry. Through educational seminars, webinars, and workshops, BUILT equips its members with cutting-edge skills and knowledge in legal technology, fostering professional growth and expertise. Additionally, BUILT collaborates with industry experts and institutions to offer certification programs and specialized training, ensuring members stay at the forefront of industry trends. These educational efforts align with BUILT's mission to address historical inequities, promote diversity, and drive innovation within the legal tech sector.

Educational Seminars & Workshops
Providing members with valuable opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in the dynamic field of legal technology while fostering professional growth and expertise.
Mentor/Mentee Matching
Strategic process that matches experienced mentors with aspiring mentees based on goals and skills, fostering meaningful mentorship relationships for mutual growth and development.
Knowledge Sharing & Networking
Fostering a vibrant community where legal technology professionals from the African diaspora can connect, exchange insights, and collaboratively propel the industry forward.
Speaker's Bureau
Providing a roster of accomplished professionals and thought leaders who are available to share their expertise and insights on legal technology, diversity, and inclusion through engaging presentations and discussions.
Industry Job Board
A dynamic platform connecting members with relevant career opportunities within the legal technology sector, facilitating talent acquisition for corporate partners, and supporting the advancement of individuals in this thriving industry.
Career Development
Access to a wide range of educational resources, networking opportunities, all tailored to empower individuals from the African diaspora in the legal technology industry, ultimately enhancing their professional growth and advancement.


Our membership metrics focus on gauging the diverse levels of experience and expertise in various legal technology sub-disciplines. We evaluate thought leadership and subject matter proficiency, assessing the depth of professional backgrounds and the breadth of roles within the legal tech space, including areas like e-discovery, legal analytics, and cybersecurity. These metrics enable us to harness the collective expertise of our members, fostering a dynamic and knowledgeable community.

Current Members
10+ Years in the Legal Tech Industry
Ph.D, Law or Post Graduate Degree
Subdomains Within the Legal Tech Industry


BUILT is dedicated to advancing inclusion and diversity by creating opportunities within the legal technology field for those that identify as part of the African Diaspora to engage collectively in education, leadership, mentorship, service, advocacy, research, and career development.

We don't simply provide members with education and experiences; we empower them to thrive in their careers, aligning with BUILT's mission.
Experience, leadership, entrepreneurship, mentorship, service, research, and advocacy.

Member Spotlight

Explore the Experiences of our Esteemed Members in the Legal Technology
Industry and Discover the Transformational Impact of BUILT Membership!

I see BUILT as a vehicle essential to closing the black diversity gap in the Legal Tech space. Addressing the diversity gap is important because it is the best protection against the twin evils of bias and discrimination in our field. Ensuring that those protections are in place and that they are robust must be the cornerstone of any profession, particularly one like Legal Tech whose title itself conveys principles of fairness and justice.

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Dawson Horn Co-Founder/President/Board Member

At BUILT, we recognize that harnessing the rich tapestry of diversity and the depth of expertise within the legal technology sector is a strategic imperative. It serves as the cornerstone of our mission, propelling us forward in our pursuit of innovation and inclusive growth, while positioning us as thought leaders in this dynamic industry. Our commitment lies in nurturing this unique blend of talent to drive positive change and catalyze advancements that benefit us all.

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Val Charles-Pierre Board Member

Join BUILT at Legalweek

For an exclusive networking reception and panel discussion as we bring together
Black professionals and allies in the legal technology space.

2024 Guest Speaker
Laurie Robinson Haden
Author and CEO of Corporate Counsel Women of Color
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2024 Moderator
Diane King Hall
Award-winning Anchor and Broadcast Journalist
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2024 Guest Speaker
Dominique Shelton Leipzig
Author and Partner at Mayer Brown
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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed Strategic Partners of 2024 for their invaluable contributions and unwavering support. Your partnership plays a pivotal role in advancing BUILT's mission to promote diversity, equity, and innovation in the legal technology industry. Together, we are making a lasting impact and shaping a brighter future for all. Thank you for your commitment and collaboration.

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